Lectures have included:

MacDonald specific:

Childlikeness: MacDonald’s Audacious Challenge to the Academic,” –  Invited Lecture, C.S. Lewis Symposium, University of Iaşi, Romania. 2018.

“Literary Legacies, Contextual Art: Phantastes‘s Key of Cultural Challenge and Arthurian Reform.” Verge Conference “Arts & the Inklings,” – Trinity Western University, British Colombia. 2016.

“MacDonald the Maurician Medievalist.”  Keynote Lecture, MacDonald Conference “MacDonald & the Cambridge Apostles,” –  Cambridge University, England. 2016.

“The Literary Identity of C.S. Lewis’ ‘Master,’ George MacDonald.” –  Plenary Lecture, C.S. Lewis Symposium, University of Iaşi, Romania.

Rooted Deep: Relational Inkings of A Mythopoeic Maker.” Keynote Lecture, MacDonald Conference “MacDonald & the Victorian Roots of Modern Fantasy,” –  Oxford University, England.

Sacred Story: The Mythopoesis of George MacDonald.” –  Plenary, for Regent College’s Centenary George MacDonald Conference (with Kerry Dearborn), Vancouver, Canada.

George MacDonald & the Divine Imagination.“ – Stony Brook School Lecture, Long Island, New York.

If You don’t know George, You don’t Know Jack.” – C.S. Lewis Society of Oxford University, England.

The Relational Import of Lilith in MacDonald’s Lilith and Williams’ Descent Into Hell.” – MacDonald Williams Conference (with Brian Horne and Richard Sturch), Pusey House, Oxford University.

The Influence of a Biblical Hermeneutic on MacDonald’s Curdie.” – for Institute of Theology, Imagination and the Arts, University of St. Andrew’s, Scotland.

“Relationality of Reading: MacDonald, Scott, & Maurice.” Linlathen Lecture, How Shall We Then Read? Beckwith, Ontario.

MacDonald’s Intertextual Hermeneutic.” – Academic symposium of MacDonald scholars in Aberdeen and St Andrews, Scotland.

MacDonald’s Use of Isaiah.” – Centenary Symposium, George MacDonald Society, London.

MacDonald’s Response to Biblical and Literary Criticism in Curdie.” –  MacDonald Centenary Conference, Baylor University, Texas.

Images of MacDonald.” –  a slide-show and talk with images from MacDonald’s world, and illustrators of MacDonald’s work, St. Andrews and Aberdeen, Scotland. Also Regent College, Vancouver.

Speaking Matrilineally: MacDonald’s Celtic Heritage.” – MacDonald Conference “George MacDonald Among His Contemporaries,” University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Comfort Ye: George MacDonald on Joy & Sorrow.” –  Guest Lecturer, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.


 Inklings specific:

Branches on the Tree of Tales: Understanding Mythopoesis” – Plenary, Tolkien Conference Here and Back Again: Tolkien on Fairy Stories (with Trevor Hart, David L. Jeffrey, Loren Wilkinson, & Colin Duriez) University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

“Hobbited: A Mythopoeic Journey.” – Geneva Lecture, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

“Lewis, Tolkien, and the Storied Gospel.” – Plenary Lecture, C.S. Lewis Symposium, Bucharest Baptist Theological Seminary, Romania.

‘Out of the Shadows of Legend’: The Shema & J.R.R. Tolkien.” – Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

Mythopoesis & the Inklings“ – Guest Lecturer in Literature of the Imagination, Stony Brook School, Long Island, New York.

“‘Out of the Shadows of Legend’: Tolkien, Hobbits, & the Gospel.”– Grace Church of the Roaring Fork Valley, Basalt, Colorado.

“Necessarily Storied: Lord of the Rings & the Shema.” – University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada.



“A Possibly Unpalatable Truth: A.J. Scott and the Inception of English Literature as a Discipline.” – McGill University, Montreal.

“The Company We Keep: Do You know Your Native Land?” — Arocha, Hamilton, Ontario.

The Educational Nature of Literature.” – OOSC, Oxford, England.

Storied Communion: The Novel Educational Methods of Robert Coles, and their Implications.” – ‘Image Journal’ Conference – A Narratable World: The Theological Implications of Story, Seattle Pacific University.

Living with Physical Disabilities.” – St Leonard’s School, St Andrews, Scotland.

“Emmaus & Shema.” – Holy Trinity, Iaşi, Romania

“Cultivating Apprehension: Beauty in Children’s Literature.” Keynote, St. Timothy’s Classical School Gala, Ottawa.

Publish or Parish? Turning Academia Upside Down” – Plenary, Postgraduate Conference Transforming the Mind: Turning the World Upside Down (with Alan Storkey and Bob White), Derbyshire, England.

Concluding with a Beginning: the Storied Grace of Ruth.” – Lenten Talks, Herefordshire.

“Shema In the Act: Moab to Emmaus.” — Franktown, Ontario.

Upside Down & Inside Out: Questioning the Pursuit of Academic Excellence.” – University of Ottawa