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Jeffrey Johnson, Kirstin; sometimes cited as Johnson, Kirstin

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The Fantasy Makers: Tolkien, Lewis, & MacDonald. with Rowan Williams, Alister McGrath, Michael Ward, Malcolm Guite, Helen Cooper, & others (DVD or Prime-On-line)



Rooted Deep: Discoveringthe Literary Identity of Mythopoeic Fantasist George MacDonald.

The Storyteller


The Curdie Books, Please”:  C. S. Lewis’ Co-creative Reading in That Hideous Strength


  Sacred Story                                    Unravelling Phantastes

    What C.S. Lewis Learned from his ‘Master’


Musings, Forward, & Afterward to MacDonald’s The Golden Key


Short Postings:

Transformative Reception: ‘L’onction de nard’ by Arcabas                      English   Dutch

                                         Life More Abundant: Emily Carr

English   Dutch

Leaping into the Liminal

Leaping into The Liminal: Only Say the Word by Erica Grimm


Awakening the Fools: ‘The Joy of the Fool’ by Cecil Collins 

English   Dutch

 Tolkien: Three Gift-giving Fathers


 David Jones: Introit Invitation — ‘Animals Kneeling


Factual Myth, the Legend of Faith  (part of the ‘Patheos Public Square’ series on “Myth, Imagination, Fairy Tales, and Fantasy. And Faith.“)


A Call to Childlikeness      (part of the ’Patheos Public Square’ series on “The Spirituality of Children.“)


Every Wrinkle Tells A Story: Celebrate or Eradicate? (part of the ’Patheos Public Square’ series on “Faith and Aging.“)




At Home with Unicorns: Asserting our Christian Literary Heritage


Cultivating Apprehension: Beauty & Kids’ Lit



Deliver Us from Atrophy: on disconnection from the Written Word


      Tolkien’s Mythopoesis  (original title: “Branches on the Tree of Tales: Tolkien and Mythopoesis,” attributed to “Kirstin Johnson.”)

     Curdie’s Intertextual Dialogue: Engaging Maurice, Arnold, and Isaiah.             “George MacDonald (Biographic)”

     Speaking Matrilineally (and especially of Uncle Mackintosh MacKay)



Forward Afterward to Owen Barfield’s “The Child & the Giant” (Romanian translation)


“Servant of All: Arthurian Peregrinations in Phantastes,” in The Inklings and King Arthur



Forward & Afterward to MacDonald’s “The Golden Key”  (Romanian translation)

Lecture Audio:

              The Mythopoeic Mission of George MacDonald

Doctoral Thesis:

             ‘Rooted in all its story, more is meant than meets the ear’ : a study of the relational and revelational nature of George MacDonald’s mythopoeic art